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Woodsin production complex has started its activity as an independent complex since 2015, relying on official licenses and certificates, and in the field of designing and producing wood products, wood and resin, using up-to-date equipment and devices, skilled workers. And it works with high-quality and first-class material.

Our products are customized with specialized and high quality design and have quality level A standard and we are trying to supply these products to global markets and countries in the region.
2-year warranty
After-sales services and participation in international exhibitions are proof that we have strengthened our position in production, supply and entrepreneurship.

01 —

console table

New, stylish and modern consoles increase the visual appeal of your home decoration and make the space look bigger. The style of the console should be in harmony with the furniture and other household items, so our consoles can be the best alternative to old sideboards. If you have a house with a modern style, nothing will complete it except the consoles in our collection.

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02 —

TV Stand

Our rustic or wood and resin TV tables double the intimacy, warmth and pleasure of your living space, which are designed and produced in our collection with different shapes.

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03 —

Dining table

Beauty, comfort, quality and uniqueness are 4 things that we can guarantee with our dining tables. In the new style of home arrangement, these tables are compatible with small and large kitchens, outdoor spaces, cafes, restaurants and villas, which are in rectangular, round shapes. , ovals are designed and produced with a view of rustic, wood and resin.

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04 —

In front of the sofa and honey

The design of the front of our sofas is coordinated with any style of decoration such as modern, minimal, rustic, etc. It induces freshness well.

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05 —

the chair

Wooden chair, a great choice for all tastes and places
Countless uses of wooden chairs, including rock, kitchen, etc., to combine with reception furniture, living room, open kitchen, and armchairs have made this model of chairs very popular. In addition, the types of wooden chair models in office and office environments, Restaurants and hotels are also used.
Bringing originality to home decoration by replacing wooden chairs instead of plastic ones, which are designed and produced in our collection at reasonable prices and in various models with simple and handles.

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06 —

Regal, stand and shelf

We can turn your mental image into reality with our special stands for decoration, library, etc. and what a perfect place for old showcases.

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07 —


Wooden accessories such as clocks, lampshades, chandeliers, tableaux, Urdu, etc. are an inseparable and complementary part, and at the same time special and widely used, which are available in the Woodsin collection specially for all kinds of tastes. They can also be a gift. Be special for those around you.

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08 —

Wood and resin product

The combination of epoxy resin as a chemical substance with wood is a very beautiful and attractive art that has become very popular and has been able to introduce a luxury style.
The special properties of resin, such as its ability to stick to wood, the variety of colors in harmony with the decoration, the ability to implement different models, transparency, high mechanical and temperature resistance, etc. Give beauty to the environment.
In our collection, various and high-quality products are produced and supplied using this popular material, which you can see on this site.

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